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The 10 Best Surf Fishing Spinning Reels

Surf fishing is one of the most exciting sports, and it can be hard on gear particularly spinning reels. The extreme amounts of sand, pounding surf and jagged rocks are a recipe for broken equipment. The

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What the Best Fish Fillet Knife? – Here’s the Top 10 Picks

As an avid chef or Angler, you ought to know that preparing fish can be a huge task especially when you’re not using the right tools. Hence, to get this done comfortably and have a feeling of accomplishment,

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The Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish – Top 6 Brands

Different tools make fishing such a fun activity. Seasoned anglers will tell you that the quality of tools you take fishing can either make it a frustrating process or an enjoyable one. One such device

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The 9 Best Fish and Seafood Cookbooks

Fish and seafood are an excellent source of lean protein and healthy fats with numerous health benefits. Since the earliest of times, millions of people around the world have relied on fish and seafood

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The 9 Best Fly Fishing Books

The allure of the lure in fly fishing can turn novices into fanatics in a heartbeat. Often from that first cast-off, a fisherman is born. Veteran fly fishermen explain fly fishing as about much more than

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The 10 Best Walleye Fishing Books

Many poets have explained the charm of fishing as the magical pursuit and hope of capturing the elusive walleye. For those who have spent sun-dappled days fishing for walleye and have caught themselves

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The 10 Best Bass Fishing Books

These 10 Best Bass Fishing Books can help inspire, teach, and propel aspiring and professional anglers in their bass-fishing ventures. From knowing exactly where the best spots to fish on a lake are to

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The 10 Best Salmon Fishing Books

Salmon fishing is exciting. From the best angling technique to the best rod to use, there are many layers to salmon fishing that you can get into. Thankfully, you are not alone. There are so many resources

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The 10 Best Fly Fishing Books for Beginners

Fly fishing has become a very popular recreation as an alternative to traditional forms of fishing. However, the sport requires a whole new set of casting techniques and a unique understanding of fishing

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The 10 Best Fishing Books for Beginners

When it comes to the “10 Best Fishing Books for Beginners,” there are often reminisces about the authors’ fishing passions, as well as, details about the art of fishing which a newbie

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