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The 10 Best Walleye Fishing Books

Many poets have explained the charm of fishing as the magical pursuit and hope of capturing the elusive walleye. For those who have spent sun-dappled days fishing for walleye and have caught themselves a delicious dinner or impressive game fish trophy, there are few things more satisfying.

For anyone wanting to experience the glory of walleye fishing, doing a little reading beforehand can help ensure an enjoyable and rewarding experience on the water. From knowing how to read the water and seasonal changes of the fish, not to mention the best equipment and bait to use, delving into the 10 best walleye fishing books is bound to help you get some bites.

Our Choices

Successful Walleye Fishing: The Complete How-To Guide for Finding & Catching Walleyes Year-Round (The Freshwater Angler)

Walleyes have the reputation of being a hard game fish to find and catch. Successful Walleye Fishing by Dick Sternberg can help anglers counteract the elusiveness of the fish with some proven fly fishing techniques and strategies.

In this book, you will learn the basics of rigging your boat, which rods to use, reels, lures, lines, and of course, the latest fishing electronics. The photos included in the book are underwater, how-to photos, and overhead shots that will help readers understand the habits of walleye and how to catch them.

Sternberg has honed his game-fishing techniques over many years and has fantastic tips and tricks to impart to his readers. Regardless of the weather conditions or the wiliness of the walleye in their hiding attempts, this book can help ready you for the basics of fly fishing for walleye.

Trolling Big Water Walleyes: Secrets of the Great Lakes

Trolling Big-Water Walleyes focuses on trolling on big waters like the Great Lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Trolling is known to produce more catches as, when done correctly, the bait is continuously in the striking zone of the fish.

This book contains an instructional guide to trolling the big waters for walleyes from the pros. More than 50 full-color photos enhance the information within provided by 17 various fishing authorities.

Chip Gross is an expert walleye angler, and in his book, he covers every pertinent detail of trolling. He covers equipment, setups, seasonal changes, baits, lures, the best time to fish, where to fish, night trolling, boat buying and rigging.

As the walleye are always on the move, chasing after their baitfish, it can be a challenge to track them down, which is why trolling can produce the best walleye results as you can move around with them. Trolling for walleye has long proven successful, and now, readers will fully understand why.

Gross also includes how to clean and care for your catch. He also provides his favorite walleye recipe. These successful walleye trolling strategies can help you get that walleye trophy, so many fishermen covet.

In-Fisherman Critical Concepts 1: Walleye Fundamentals Book (Critical Concepts (In-Fisherman))

In-Fisherman Critical Concepts 1 - Walleye Fundamentals Book

by Doug Stange, Steve Quinn, Steve Hoffman

When it comes to successful walleye angling, consistency is critical. Walleyes are always on the move, making them difficult to catch. Where you find them striking one day, they will be gone the next.

In-Fisherman Critical Concepts 1 has information from a variety of sources on how to increase your consistency when seeking out the elusive and wily walleye. This book discusses what you should know, where you should go, hot bites, edge effect, seasonal changes, wind, and provides answers to many of the most commonly-asked walleye queries.

In-Fisherman Walleye Wisdom: Handbook of Strategies

In-Fisherman books are a great resource as they contain advice, skills, and strategies learned and explained by some successful walleye fishermen. This resource can be handy for both novices and veterans as every detail of walleye habits and fly fishing are provided by the In-Fishermen contributors.

If you are looking for a guide to a variety of walleye habits and fly fishing strategies and techniques, the In-Fisherman staff never disappoint.

In-Fisherman Critical Concepts 4: State-of-the-Art Walleye Presentation Book (Critical Concepts: Walleye)

In-Fisherman Critical Concepts 4 focuses on boat control and the best systems of coverage for upping your walleye catch count. The techniques are aimed at showing how to keep your bait where it will get the bites.

Casting techniques like wading and shore casting as well as patterns are also discussed at length. Additional sections are dedicated to wire lines, snap weights, trolling, crankbaits and many more fly fishing strategies and techniques that are sure to up your walleye count.

Northwoods Walleye

Northwoods Walleye

by Mike Mladenik

In Northwoods, Mike Mladenik discusses how with a variety of water sources available in Wisconsin, part of a successful fly fishing strategy involves choosing the right water. Often this choice is based on weather or walleye patterns. In this book, you can learn the skills to adapt to weather changes and have a successful catch.

The seasonal patterns of the walleye are discussed at length in reservoirs, rivers, and lakes. This book can teach anglers how to determine the prime time for walleye fishing in a variety of waters.

Mike stands by his philosophy that simple fly fishing techniques are the best to teach and the easiest to learn. He takes the mystery out of the process by simplifying the traditional strategies and methods known to produce the most fish.

Northwoods Walleye takes the guesswork out of Mother Nature by revealing to anglers how to read the best fishing locations regardless of what nature throws at you. This guide is the ultimate instructional resource for anglers fishing anywhere in North America.

Catching Canoe Country Walleyes: Quetico and Boundary Waters Jig Fishing Secrets

Catching Canoe Country Walleyes is the consummate guide for the outdoorsman wanting to catch walleye from their canoes. The author covers simple methods known to produce success.

Craig Zarley boasts over 50 years of experience traveling the waters in Quetico Provincial Park and Boundary Waters. In this book, he includes the ideal tackle to take along for the ride while discussing the merits of fishing for wilderness walleyes.

Zarley also leans towards simple methods as he discusses how a jig and plastic twister can produce more walleye than the more complicated and expensive processes.

Known as a humorous and witty writer, Zarley’s voice is a pleasure to read and learn from. Zarley pays homage to the walleye as a fish that reflects the land surrounding the waters in which they thrive.

Walleye Wisdom [WALLEYE WISDOM]

Walleye Wisdom

by Al Lindner

This In-Fisherman handbook of walleye-fishing strategies is ideal for novices and veterans. Every aspect of the habits of the walleye, their location, and how to draw them out are covered in clear concise and informative descriptions.

In this guide, the world of the walleye is opened up for the probing eyes of anxious anglers. Keen insights into the fluctuating habits of the walleye during seasonal changes as well as during their underwater hunt for bait are passed on to the readers.

This handbook is fabulous to take along for your fly fishing ventures as it contains quick, simple, and valuable reference material.

Pocket Guide to Walleye Fishing in Lakes (PVC Pocket Guides)

This Pocket Guide to Walleye Fishing in Lakes by Ron Cordes is the ultimate in travel-friendly information sources.

From the information contained within its pages to the very design of the book itself, this guide is meant to go with you on every single walleye fishing attempt.

The guide is virtually indestructible as it is waterproof, nature-proof, and the perfect size to fit into a pocket, so it never has to be left behind. It has simple tabs for quick and easy access to information with resource headings like:

  • checkTools
  • checkLines
  • checkBehavior
  • checkStrategy
  • checkLakes
  • checkStructure

The author also includes valuable information on the best types of equipment to use, jigging, plug techniques, bait and tackle. This guide has something to offer every kind of fisherman in every type of water.

Walleye Tactics Crankbait Trolling

In Walleye Tactics, Mark Romanack discusses the merits of trolling with crankbait when tracking walleye. Romanack explains just why the walleye are known as elusive and finicky as they are always on the move.

As Walleye move after schools of bait fish, a location that was formerly successful in producing striking walleye, might not be again. Trolling mimics the habits of the walleye as the fishing strategy involves moving and adapting to the fluctuating patterns of the fish themselves.

Once you know some strategies for locating the walleye and reading the water, Romanack explains how, as crankbaits stay under the water, you are more likely to cast within the walleye’s striking.

This comprehensive guide to trolling with crankbaits will increase your catch and get you a few steps closer to gaining that trophy walleye to grace your home.

In Short

When it comes to fishing for walleye, there are numerous approaches to take: some simple, some complex. These 10 best walleye fishing books present readers with all the different strategies and techniques so they are informed and can select the method that is most appealing.

From the best equipment to use, trolling, lures, tackles, and crankbaits, these books impart every detail of the art and process of walleye fishing. A thorough understanding of the fish itself is also crucial as walleye are a highly-mobile fish, giving them that reputation for being finicky and elusive.

With fishing strategies in different waters discussed, whether you want to fish lakes, reservoirs, or rivers, these books cover it all. 

If it is the ever-elusive mystical walleye you crave to pluck from the waters, do a little due diligence beforehand to ensure you are well prepared for the hunt.

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