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The 9 Best Saltwater Fishing Reels

Saltwater can be very unforgiving on freshwater fishing equipment. And while some freshwater reels are capable of short stints in saltwater if well maintained, it is always best to invest in a good saltwater

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The Best Spinning Reels for the Money (All Budgets)

Spinning reels are probably the most valuable and versatile piece of equipment that you could have on your boat when you’re out fishing. Not only do they work for both freshwater and saltwater applications,

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The 7 Best Baitcasting Reels for the Money (2020 Buying Guide)

Baitcasting reels are a must-have tool for anglers interested in larger fish or complex techniques where spinning reels just don’t cut it. They offer better control of lures and make it easy to pinpoint

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The 5 Best BASS Fishing Reels for the Money

Bass fishing is a specialized form of angling that requires a particular set of tools, not least of which is an appropriate fishing reel. With the right bass fishing reel by your side, you can significantly

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The 8 Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses

What would qualify as your most important part of your fishing gear? Your spinning reels? A flashy new rod? The tackle boxes? How about your sunglasses? Not many anglers put these at the top of their list,

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The Best Inshore Spinning Reels for the Money

Fishing is a challenging hobby that requires the best equipment. A spinning reel is one of the most essential tools and choosing the right one can be difficult, especially if you are focusing on inshore

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The 8 Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Under $50

When you’re out fishing on a bright summer’s day, the last thing you want is to have water glare on your eyes. All that squinting will leave you with an insufferable headache, and you’ll end up feeling

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The 10 Best Baitcasting Reels under $100

If you’re looking to improve your angling skills this summer, then a baitcasting reel could be the answer. Not only will it help you cast farther using a heavier line, but it’ll also give you a greater

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8 Best Trout Fishing Spinning Reels for the Money

Trout fishing is an exciting activity you can engage in your leisure time or as a hobby. In recent years the spinning reel has become the reel of choice for trout fishing. For you to achieve success in

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Best Saltwater Fishing Knife – The Top 8 Brands

Saltwater fishing knives are ideal for tasks such as chopping bait, cutting the fishing line, cutting rope, etc. These knives have great utility but can also be perfect for cutting and processing fish.

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