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8 Best Fishing Tackle Bags

Formerly, tackle boxes were a standard form of storing and carrying gear and tools for anglers. Over time, more and more fishermen and ladies have abandoned the use of tackle boxes, opting for the more convenient and comfortable tackle bags, and this is mainly because tackle bags are lightweight and easier to carry than boxes. They also come with extra pockets to provide additional storage for other stuff that you might need which doesn’t necessarily fit into your tray. This gives you the flexibility to travel with EVERYTHING you need, and carry it in the most convenient and comfortable manner possible.

Certain high-end models even come with lumbar support, adjustable and padded straps, as well as hip straps which make traveling long distances in the wild a little more comfortable. Also, tackle bags are suitable for use in a number of outdoor adventures like kayaking, canoeing, bushwhacking, portaging and of course, fishing.

What to Look for

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ or ‘ideal’ when it comes to tackle bags. However, there is a broad range of bags that suit different people due to their preferences and applications. That said, there are some general non-negotiable features and benefits that a tackle bag should come with, such as:

  • Durability: Angling is obviously done in an outdoor environment, and the mere fact that you’re bringing a tackle bag means that you’re probably going to be in a wild and possibly rough terrain. So, you need a bag that’s robust and durable enough to take a beating in those environments and still last for a long time. Quality construction is usually a tell-tale sign of the durability and longevity of a bag, so pay attention to construction features that are aimed at strengthening the bag, like reinforced stitching and heavy-duty Point 1
  • Water resistant: The bag doesn’t have to be waterproof, although if it is, then great. But it does have to be water resistant, which means that it won’t get wet due to a mere splattering of water or some rain. This doesn’t mean that you should submerge it in water; it’s just an indication that the bag won’t get soaked from getting a few drops on it, meaning that the stuff inside will remain protected from water damage. 

Our Favorite Tackle Bags

Below is a list of tackle bags that provide different options for different preferences and applications, taking into consideration factors such as value for money, performance, longevity and different uses. We’ve awarded each bag with a specific title to give you an idea of what it’s best suited for. Bear in mind though, that this is not in any way limiting the performance of the bag to that particular function. We bring you the best of the best, so read on to find out what’s so special about each of these versatile and impressive tackle bags

Wild River CLC WT3505 Tackle Tek Mission Lighted Convertible Tackle Bag with Four PT3500 Trays, Small

Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WT3505

Best Tackle Bag for Kayak Fishing

This tackle bag from Wild River features an innovative design that allows you to convert the shoulder straps into a waist belt that you can use to store items like pliers and lures. Wearing the straps as a waist belt makes it easier to re-tie and change lures, and it can easily accommodate sizes that range from 29 inches to 46 inches. An innovative feature of the bag is the integrated LED light system, whose flexible neck allows you to not only see into the bag during dark conditions but can be used to light other low light areas as well.

Other features of the bag include generous storage, like the tray compartment which can store up to five large #3700 trays, or you could use any of the several storage pockets on the bag, most are made from a suitable mesh material that allows you to view the contents inside. Also, there is a retractable steel cable lanyard for use in storing small gear items like clippers. This bag can accommodate all your fishing gear, from tackle to line, stringer, hook removers, and even extra storage space to put more tackle if the trays aren’t enough.

This is an all-rounder of a bag, and although it’s ideal for different fishing applications and outdoor sports, it’s perfect for kayak fishing as the convertible design gives you the freedom to use your arms unburdened. Lastly, based on the heavy-duty zippers and the base pads this bag is clearly made to last, and durable enough to handle rough terrain.


  • It’s compact but very roomy
  • Great quality and attention to detail when it comes to construction, with thoughtful durability features like base pads, vibrant interior lining, and heavy-duty zippers
  • The adjustable shoulder straps on the bag can easily be converted into a waist belt on which to store small objects like the detachable plier holder that comes with the bag
  • It has TONS of storage, from the super large tray compartment to the mesh storage pockets and the retractable steel cable lanyard
  • There’s also a transparent and waterproof internal pocket that’s easy to access and ideal for storing stuff like your passport, maps, etc.
  • The exterior mesh pockets provide easy access to your tools
  • It comes with base pads to protect against wear and tear
  • The lightweight design lightens the load and enables you to use your arms unburdened, which is a perfect combination for kayak fishing
  • The shoulder straps are padded for comfort so that they don’t dig into your shoulders as you carry your load for extended distances


  • The manufacturers should look into improving their shipping game. Some reviewers complained of receiving the bag without the lanyard and retractable plier holder
  • It’s on the pricey side but definitely worth it
Flambeau Saltwater Light Tackle System-White

This bag has been specially made to provide ease of storage and increase the carrying capacity of saltwater fishermen. It’s thoughtfully designed with hard-wearing features like corrosion resistant zippers, 3 trainer utility boxes with zeerust coating to protect against corrosion, and a solid waterproof base.

The Flambeau bag doesn’t disappoint when it comes to storage, and features two zippered side pockets, one front zippered pocket with a mesh exterior, one large back pocket made entirely from a mesh material, and three 3003 TUFF Trainer utility boxes.

Not only is this bag lightweight, but it also provides a padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort when carrying gear inside it.


  • This bag comes with convenient storage options like three TUFF trainer utility boxes, two side pockets, one back pocket and another front pocket with a mesh exterior
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • It’s durable and long lasting, with heavy duty zippers, corrosion resistant features, and a robust waterproof base
  • It’s well designed for ease of use with conveniently located storage options that are easy to access
  • The shoulder strap has been padded to make it easy to carry for long distances


  • It soils quickly, especially the white color
Wild River CLC WT3508 Multi-Tackle Small Backpack with Two 3500 Style Trays

This Wild River tackle bag comes with storage options galore! There’s a lower tray storage compartment with the capacity to hold four #3500 style trays and an upper storage area that’s used to convert the bag into a backpack, enabling the user to load larger items onto it.

The large front pocket comes with a removable divider and doubles as a work surface which you can use to adjust your lure etc.; while the clear internal pocket is designed to keep your phone, maps and other documents dry and accessible. The side pocket is ideal for storing wet and used tools away from the fresh and dry gear inside the bag.

The inside is very roomy, and you can easily use it to keep snacks and water bottles for your trip. It also comes with adjustable and padded shoulder straps, while the bottom of the bag comes with hard base pads to protect against water damage, and reduce wear and tear when placed in rugged terrain. Even though it’s not waterproof labeled, this bag has very good sealing and is quite water resistant.


  • You can convert the bag into a backpack using the convenient upper storage area
  • The bottom of the bag comes with hard base pads to protect against damage and keep the interior contents dry
  • The hard-wearing zippers are durable and easy to use
  • Although this bag is not completely waterproof, it’s effective at keeping water out
  • It’s compact, lightweight and easy to carry
  • The large shoulder pads make it very comfortable to carry this bag
  • It’s sturdy and durable


  • The utility trays that it comes with are a cheap quality, and the lid snaps are very flimsy
  • Inadequate shipping facilities
  • It’s a bit on the pricey side especially considering the size
  • It could use a few more storage options for smaller tools
Ready 2 Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag

This multi-functional bag from Ready 2 Fish comes with spectacular features such as a dedicated electronic pocket as well as a cable net which you can use to store your gloves and a jacket for changing weather conditions. It also has adjustable storage compartments and pockets as well as an interior map pocket.

Other storage options include eight external accessory pockets and great slots and sections that you can use to organize your hooks and lures for easy access. There are also seven carabiner loops, adjustable Velcro dividers, and two black carabiners, and you can use both the internal and external storage compartments to organize a plethora of tools and for multiple purposes.

It’s fully waterproof, stain resistant and weather resistant, and has a leak-proof interior that’s easy to clean; plus, it can fit up to five utility trays. In addition to the comfortable shoulder strap, this bag also comes with two handles so you can carry it in different ways.


  • This bag is weather resistant and waterproof
  • It’s ​​​​also very durable and long-lasting; the components and materials can maintain their integrity, quality, and performance even after years of regular use
  • You can fit everything you need for your fishing trip into this bag, thanks to the multi-functional pockets and compartments that have been spread out to organize all your tools
  • It comes with several adjustable storage compartments and pockets
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps make carrying this bag comfortable and easy, no matter where your fishing trip takes you
  • It’s affordable and provides value for money
  • The hard bottom on the interior makes it easy to store stuff in the bag without worrying that it’ll slip and move around


  • It doesn’t come with any trays or boxes
  • Although great for keeping the bag organized, there are just too many pockets, slots, compartments and nooks, and crannies on this bag that it makes it difficult to find stuff sometimes. A helpful tip would be to label perhaps the stuff you place in it to make it easier to find them.
Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier Lighted Handle Bar Fishing Tackle Bag, 5 PT3700 Trays

Wild River by CLC WT3702

Best High-End Bag

This soft side tackle bag comes with features like a built-in LED lighting system which allows you to light up your work areas as well as the interior of your bag during low light conditions. It also comes with a removable plier holder that you can attach to the bag or a belt, a sunglass holder that’s been permanently mounted on the bag to keep your polarized sunglasses safe, and a removable cable lanyard on which to keep stuff like clippers, keys, and small tools.

The internal storage area features two customizable dividers, external web loops to clip several items and a tray compartment that fits up to five large #3700 style trays. Other storage options include a clear waterproof pocket on the inside to keep all your documents and devices dry, and external mesh pockets to easily view contents inside while keeping everything dry.

It’s also easy to carry and features a rotating grip on the convenient bar handle design, as well as a hard-base pad to keep the bag upright and protect against water damage and reduce deterioration.


  • With this bag, you can fish for all hours of the day and night, thanks to the LED light system
  • It comes with a removable plier holder that you can either store in your bag or on your belt strap for easy access
  • This bag features a huge tray compartment that can hold up to five large #3700 style trays as well as a customizable top storage area with dividers
  • There’s a waterproof internal pocket to keep your documents and devices dry and safe
  • The solid base pads protect the bag from water damage and reduces deterioration
  • The external mesh pockets and web loops provide more storage options to keep extra items and tools on hand when you need them
  • It’s very spacious


  • This bag lacks durability and certain small components such as the handles, tend to come apart quite easily
  • Poor customer service
  • This bag does not offer value for money, especially considering the selling price range
Plano 467410 Hydro-Flo Guide 3700 Series Tackle Bag, Premium Tackle Storage

If you’re looking for a good combination of price, quality, and features, then this is the ideal bag for you. It’s built for durability, with features like a molded top with a quick-access Stowaway storage box underneath that comes with ProLatch, and a skid and impact resistant base that’s constructed from Hydro-Flo.

Cavernous dual-compartment pockets have been conveniently designed for ease of access, while two extra padded pockets provide ideal storage for valuables like sunglasses and devices. There’s also a neat section in between the main body and end pockets, that contains a wallet sleeve and pliers pocket.

Also, you’ll find a clear zippered pocket under the top cover, as well as a PVC mesh pocket on the back with an adjustable elastic cord where you can store smaller items like lures, hooks, flies and power bait. It also comes with seven large boxes with plastic dividers to create a customized space for all your baits. These trays are so large that you’ll probably use some of them to store other stuff like water bottles, food and live bait.


  • The bag is thoughtfully constructed with Hydro-Flo base that’s resistant to skid marks and impact damage
  • There’s a molded top to protect against water damage
  • This bag is quite a sturdy and durable, and one can tell that it’s made from hard-wearing materials
  • There are several pockets on this bag, including a PVC mesh back pocket, wallet and plier’s pockets, padded pockets for valuables, and much more
  • The pocket storage has been made for ease of access with a cavernous design, padding, and mesh detailing


  • Apart from the multiple trays, this bag does not contain any sizeable area for bulk storage of larger items
  • The trays are quite flimsy, and the snap lids sometimes struggle to snap shut, so the manufacturer should consider providing better quality boxes
  • It’s a bit too bulky to carry for long distances and is more suited to applications like fishing on a lake bank or boat
Wild River CLC WT3606 Multi-Tackle Large Backpack with Two 3600 Style Trays

Wild River by CLC WT3606

Multi-Tackle Backpack Option

This versatile backpack comes with the great standard features that we’ve come to expect from Wild River, like the huge upper storage area, which you can easily convert into a larger backpack and create diversified storage through the convenient dividers. The adjustable shoulder straps come with padded shoulder pads for comfortable carrying, while the front pocket comes with a fold-out cover that you can use as a work surface.

There’s also a clear waterproof internal pocket and a lower tray compartment with a storage capacity of up to four #3600 style trays. You can use the external side pockets to store dirty and wet tools, and there are also several external compartments to keep smaller items organized. It works perfect for a variety of applications and is built well with quality stitching and hard-wearing zippers.


  • The upper storage area comes with versatile dividers that double as converters to transform the bag into a spacious backpack
  • This bag is a very sturdy and hard-wearing and can last through several seasons of harsh terrain and frequent use
  • The front pocket flips down to provide a work surface for your convenience
  • The adjustable padded shoulder straps keep the shoulders comfortable when carrying the bag around for long distances
  • The rugged base pads work great for protecting the bag against wear and tear
  • The lower tray compartment can hold up to four #3600 style trays to properly organize the storage of your lures, gear, etc.
  • There are several outer storage sections to keep smaller items organized and makes it easier to find stuff
  • Dedicated side storage for wet and dirty tools


  • The bag could do with a couple more pockets, perhaps on the top section, for other essentials like lunch and water bottles
  • Bigger plier straps would be helpful as well to adequately accommodate the pliers when stored
Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bags Single Shoulder Bags, Black

This shoulder strap bag is made from a durable and high-quality nylon material and comes with heavy duty zippers and waterproof lining on the inside, which makes for easy cleaning. The main compartment comes with an adjustable drawstring to customize the space to your requirements.

The bag also comes with a whopping 10 storage compartments so that you can store all the gear you need. No matter how heavy your bag gets as a result of carrying too much gear, it will always be comfortable because of the comfortable design of the padded adjustable straps. 3 air mesh pads on the back accentuate the comfort and breathability of the bag through ergonomic design. To top it off, there’s a belt buckle in the middle of the back tightens the bag, making it even more lightweight and compact, plus its tough wearing and water resistant as well.


  • It comes with 10 internal and external storage compartments, in addition to a large zippered slot with a large flat design and other pockets
  • There’s a drawstring top compartment on the side which is ideal storage for a water bottle or lunch
  • 3 air mesh pads on the bag make for breathability and extra comfort while carrying the bag
  • This bag is sturdy, weather resistant and hard wearing
  • The adjustable shoulder straps come with padding, so they don’t dig into your shoulders when carrying heavy stuff
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • It doesn’t have dedicated storage for snips and pliers
  • A good idea would be to incorporate a zip for the main compartment to help the bag hold its shape for longer

Final Thoughts

As you can see, even though tackle bags come in different forms, there are a few components that come as standard features. If a bag is made from good quality materials, is hard-wearing with plenty of diversified storage, then it can work for a variety of applications and preferences.

So be sure to look out for these basics when shopping for your next tackle bag, and hopefully, our selection has helped you to figure out which one is best for your needs. With that, I leave you with this whimsical and cheesy quote:

“A reel expert can tackle anything.”

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