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The Best Tackle Box for Fishing

Apart from the gear, a good quality tackle box with lots of organized storage is a must-have for any fisherman. Depending on your preference and the application that you’ll be using the box for, some of the qualities to look out for in a tackle box include flexibility, versatility, durability, and ease of use.

It’s also important to look out for a box that is well-designed with enough compartments to keep everything well-organized and safe. Speaking of safety, security features like 3-phase latches, multiple lids, and hinges, will give you peace of mind knowing that your gear is secure even in the midst of choppy water that might cause your box to move around or fall off.

You’ll also want a box that meets your budget expectations, while still maintaining all the features you need for your unique application.

Best Tackle Box

Top 10 Tackle Boxes

Below we’ve featured a list of unique tackle boxes that meet different needs, from compact to large, budget friendly to great all-rounders. It’s proof that there’s a tackle box for every type of angler and one to use for every application.

Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box

This box has a wide range of storage components, including a 4-layer storage system that incorporates spinnerbait bottom racks and specialized storage under the top lid. It’s a versatile box that gives you the flexibility to carry as much gear as you need for your trip and extras just in case. From hooks to lures, line, weights, sinkers, reels, etc. With this box, you’ll always have the right tools for the job.

The components of the box are made from high-quality materials, and each box comes pre-tested for durability, so you know it’s going to last you for more than one season. It’s also suitable for both novice and experienced anglers, and can easily adapt to different applications.


  • This box is durable and long lasting, due to being made from high-quality materials
  • The hinges make it easy to open and close
  • It’s a well-priced and affordable option
  • It comes with multiple layers and differently sized slots to keep all your gear organized
  • It has different compartments to hold various items
  • It’s conveniently compact even though it can hold a ton of items
  • It has DuraView lens to easily view everything inside the box
  • Lifetime warranty (limited)


  • Poor shipping facilities
Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, Premium Tackle Storage

Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System

Best All Around Tackle Box

This mega storage box comes with spacious compartments for bulk storage, including 4 removable trays, 3 bait racks and more. It also features an over molded handle for easy transport as well as a DuraView cover. It’s large enough to handle multiple big sized lures and is ideal for anyone who prefers to bring ALL their gear on their fishing trip.

You can use the top compartment to store your most used items, while the bottom layers are ideal for storing large items and extra gear that you might be bringing ‘just in case’. And it’s made from high-quality materials, which means that it’s long lasting and durable.


  • With this enormous fishing tackle box, you won’t have to choose between your favorites and must-haves, you can bring everything you want and still have space for extras
  • Lifetime warranty (limited)
  • It’s versatile and can be used for a variety of fishing applications
  • It features a multi-tier system that makes it easy for anyone to stay organized
  • It comes at a very reasonable price, especially for the quality and convenience that it offers


  • The bottom tray hasn’t been designed very well and makes it difficult to open it
  • The box is quite heavy due to its size, so it may not be the best option for someone who’s planning to travel long distances on their trip
Flambeau Tackle XL 3-Tray Tackle Box, Black/Dark Gray

This spacious box from Flambeau comes with unique features like tip-guard tray support, weather–proof and worm-proof construction, as well as water resistant design.

It’s got 3 large removable trays with 37 compartments combined, all of which create multiple storage capabilities and give you the flexibility to customize the storage to your preferences and needs.

The bottom tray specifically has plenty of room to fit lots of tackle and as many accessories as you like, and there is plenty of storage for small parts, which you can rearrange to suit your preferences.

It has also been conveniently fitted with two lids on the top tray, as well as a Drawtite latch to keep the box securely closed and prevent items from moving around inside. This box even features a reinforced interior to easily handle large amounts of heavy gear, which makes it an ideal companion for lengthy fishing trips.


  • Tip-guard tray support
  • It features water resistant, worm-proof and weather proof construction
  • It comes with different compartments of different sizes to keep your gear well-organized and easy to access
  • You can remove the dividers to create more storage possibilities and customize it to your preferences and needs
  • It’s very well priced and provides value for money
  • It has plenty of storage including 3 trays and 37 compartments


  • The hinge and the lid tend to unsnap and open unexpectedly, so be sure to store it in a straight position at all times
  • The dividers can be quite loose, which makes it easy for stuff to fall off and get lost; in particular on a canoe or kayak
  • Unfortunately, this is made from a flimsy plastic and is not a very durable box, so it does not last long with frequent use
South Bend Worm Gear Tackle Box (Green)

South Bend Worm Gear Tackle Box

Best Beginner Tackle Box

This is a simple and uncomplicated box that mainly features a hook disgorger, swivels, tin split shot and 6’ stringer. It also comes with all the gear you’ll need as a beginner angler, including bobbers, hooks, spinner, etc.

Storage-wise, it’s a relatively tiny box, but conveniently lightweight and easy to carry around, and it has a reasonable amount of storage capacity including a removable tray and an assortment of hooks and multi-colored floats to keep gear organized.


  • It’s the ideal fishing tackle box for beginners
  • Offers great storage, including a removable tray, hooks, and floats to keep everything organized
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It’s available in different colors, mainly blue, green and orange
  • It comes with enough items on the inside to get novice anglers started
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry


  • It’s made from a flimsy plastic material, which means that it’s not sturdy enough to handle the demands of an experienced angler who fishes regularly
  • The latch does not hold up very well
  • The addition of weights would also be great
Plano Big Game System Tackle Box, Premium Tackle Storage

This huge box is constructed from high-impact plastic and features 100% wormproof and waterproof design with removable racks, and has plenty of storage that can hold up to 40 long baits. The box also features specially designed slots to keep lures, as well as dividers to help keep the rest of your gear organized and convenient to access.


  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty against defects
  • The internal dividers and slots make it easy to store lures and long baits
  • It’s big enough to keep multiple lures and other gear well-organized and easy to access
  • It has a high-impact, worm-proof and waterproof design
  • It’s very durable and well-constructed


  • It’s quite pricey and may not fit everyone’s budget
Fishing Tackle Set,PortableFun Fishing Baits Kit Lots with Free Tackle Box,for Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon

Portable Fun Fishing Baits Kit (With FREE Tackle Box)

Best for Freshwater Trout, Bass, Salmon

This colorful, compact and well-priced box is jam-packed with lures, baits, hooks and the perfect internal storage setup to get beginner anglers off the ground. Although small, you can pack a lot of stuff into this box, and seasoned anglers can use it for short trips, while newbies will enjoy the convenience it offers with the pre-packaged gear.

Speaking of gear, this box comes with two fishing tackle sets, which include tons of fishing lures, a multi-tool, mini flashlight and a free tackle box. It’s made from a combination of metal and plastic materials and comes with just the right gear for freshwater fishing.


  • It’s a colorful, compact and easy to use box, which is ideal for newbie anglers
  • For those experienced anglers who prefer a more compact box but with enough storage options to fit all your gear, this is it
  • It’s well-priced, especially when considering all the features and gear that it comes with
  • Great customer service from the seller
  • It opens and closes effortlessly to keep items secure while making it easy to access your gear


  • The fishing lures specifically, are of a disappointingly low quality
  • The hooks tend to get rusted after use and require constant wiping after each trip
Frabill Plano Deep Waterproof Stowaway Utility Box

Keep your gear dry and safe with this convenient tackle box from Frabill Plano. It features a secure lid that snaps in place pretty nicely to prevent stuff from falling out, which is great to know when your kayak is tossing stuff around or tipping over due to turbulent waters. Other security features include the Dri-Loc O-ring seal and 3 tight-sealing Cam action latches.

The box also features 4-15 adjustable compartments that are large enough to store big items like crank baits, and it’s available as a pack of 2 or 3 depending on your specific preferences.

It also features permanent dividers and inserts so you can customize the storage to suit your needs, and its bottomless design is perfect for storing everything you need for your fishing trip and more besides; including weights, lures, bait, swivels, line, and leaders, etc.


  • This box keeps gear safe and secure with a Dri-Loc O-ring seal and 3 tight-sealing Cam action latches
  • It’s waterproof, so your equipment stays dry and safe, even in the unlikely event of your kayak tipping over
  • It’s available as a pack of 2 or 3, and comes with 4-15 adjustable compartments for conveniently customizable storage
  • It offers plenty of room for large crank baits and other gear that requires a lot of space
  • The storage in this box can be easily customized using the movable dividers and inserts
  • It’s very well-made and sturdy


  • Although excellent for durability, the permanent dividers do place some limitations when it comes to customizing the storage options on this box
  • This is not the best choice for newbie anglers, especially kids, as the 3-phase latch system is tough to pry open for small hands
Ready to Fish Saltwater Tackle Box with 3 Tray and Basic Tackle, 50 Piece

Ready to Fish Saltwater Tackle Box

Best Saltwater Tackle Box

For the ultimate in saltwater gear and storage capacity, look no further than this 50-piece tackle box with 3 separate trays that contain an assortment of the items you’ll need for your trip.

This tackle box includes hooks, swivels, different types of sinkers and rigs, as well as a hook disgorger, a stringer and jig heads. It’s an ideal box for a beginner angler or anyone who wants to enjoy a stress-free saltwater fishing trip.

The box is exceptionally well-organized with clearly delineated compartments and an ergonomic design that makes for convenient use.


  • It’s ergonomically designed to keep gear intact even when the box is moving around
  • The compartments are clearly defined for practicality and to keep things organized
  • It comes with all the necessary gear needed for saltwater fishing
  • It comes in different sizes to suit various applications and levels of experience
  • It’s made to last and has heaps of storage capacity to handle tons of gear


  • The items inside the box are not the best quality, but the box itself is quite sturdy and well-made
Plano Small 2 Sided Tackle Box, Premium Tackle Storage, Multi, One Size (171301)

Plano Small 2-Sided Tackle Box

Best Small Tackle Box

Keep everything organized in this neat and compact tackle box from Plano. It comes with two removable dividers which in turn feature up to 6 compartments and double-sided capacity.

It’s the ideal box to store small baits and is available as a pack of 2 or 3 depending on your preferences and what you’ll be using it for. It also features clip lids to keep everything safe and secure, while the waterproof design keeps gear dry, and the compartment dividers are great for keeping stuff organized.


  • Although small enough to fit into a zip lock bag, this box has tons of storage capacity to fit all your gear, including weights, lures, hooks, fishing line and more
  • It’s lightweight and is convenient for carrying around in long-distance fishing trips when you don’t need a lot of items
  • It comes with compartment dividers to keep things organized even when the box is moving around
  • You can get this as a pack of 2 or 3 depending on your needs and preferences
  • It’s waterproof


  • It’s pricey
  • The safety features could use some improvement, as the flimsy clip lids don’t hold up for very long. You’d do well to seal it with a rubber band on top just to be sure.
  • It’s definitely not built to last
Plano One Tray Take Me Fishing Tackle Box with Tackle, Premium Tackle Storage

This awesome beginner’s box from Plano comes with a great starter kit, including an assortment of tackle, hooks, stringer, jigs, and bobbers.

It’s compact, lightweight and easy to carry around and travel with, and yet it has enough storage and compartments to keep a variety of items secure and organized.

It’s also ergonomically designed for ease of use by kids and has a practical lid that’s easy to open and shut.


  • A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this box goes towards supporting the ‘Future Fisherman Foundation’
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • The quality is excellent, and the box can easily handle frequent use without falling apart
  • It’s very well priced
  • It’s ergonomically designed for practicality and ease of use by small hands, and the lid is easy to open and close
  • The box comes with a starter pack of useful fishing items that work ideal for novice anglers


  • The shipping facilities can use some improvement, as some reviewers complained that the box arrived empty

In a nutshell….

Whether you’re fishing out in the ocean, or enjoying a leisurely summer trip at your favorite lake, having a good quality tackle box by your side will make it that much more convenient and memorable. As you can see, there are a variety of tackle boxes to suit different applications and types of fishermen, each with specific features that can make or break your trip. Choose wisely and happy fishing!

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